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The Essential Greek New Testament for the Absolute Beginner

We are excited to release the Essential Greek New Testament (thank you, James, for the title).

This book represents a new approach to the study of the Biblical Greek by allowing an absolute Greek beginner to start “reading” the Greek New Testament from the first day. As such, it will establish itself as an indispensable resource for those who would like to get a glimpse of the New Testament in the original. The compilation of resources will also be useful to those who have some knowledge of Biblical Greek.

For a limited time only, we set the introductory price to $4.99. Get your copy.

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We’ve been blogged.

Mobile Ministry Magazine, which we have been reading from time to time, has done a post about us and used such nice words as “Effective In-Bible Interfaces” (is it really about us?)  The full extent of the power of mobile Bibling (Bible-computing, my coinage) is still to be explored.  But even now it is clear that mobile Bibles penetrate through the tightest of fences.  The Soviet Union may not have survived as long if God’s Word was freely available electronically as it is now (see my earlier post about the treatment of God’s Word in the Soviet Union).

MMM* has reminded me about my ruminations about various approaches to Bibling: (a) a walled-garden, expensive, heavy weight one a la Logos; (b) apps way (for iOS, Android, etc.), (c) epub/mobi open ebook method (what I have been mostly doing); (d) simple Java Bible for each cell phone that has power to revolutionize missions in prosecuted countries.  I may refine them and put them to paper (screen) in the future.

*Apropos, there are a couple of associations for me with this abbreviation, 1 and 2

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Title Contest

It was suggested that the working title for the upcoming publication (i.e. Greek NT for (Absolute) Beginners; see previous post) is somewhat bland.  We need a title that would convey to people that this is the publication that they absolutely must have and can’t live without (which it is, of course :)).

Our own brainstorming has come up with:

  • Ultimate Greek New Testament for Absolute Beginners
  • Greek New Testament for the Rest of Us
  • Practical Greek New Testament (subtitle: “Read this Greek NT even if you don’t read Greek” or “Learn Koine Greek with Us”)
  • and … The One Greek New Testament You Must Have

Well, what do you think?  Would you share your ideas about the title?  If we select your title, we’ll give you any book in the OSNOVA Store for free.


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Upcoming publication: Greek NT for those who don’t read Greek

We are putting finishing touches on the Greek New Testament for Absolute Beginners (a working title). It was done for personal reasons. We don’t read Greek.  We made it as useful as possible for ourselves, in other words it will be a useful tool for those who don’t know Greek but want to read the NT in its original. It will combine parallel Greek and English texts, will link each Greek word with a code identifying its grammatical categories and the included Greek lexicon. This new e-book will contain many more useful features for those who don’t read Greek but want to study it or simply “read” the Greek NT (I know one of my friends would say it’s a dangerous thing). Screenshots after the cut.  Let us know  what you think.

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Dead Tree Books, e-Books and Christian Reading

by GW Anderson, Spoudason Services

Our guest blogger, George W. Anderson, taught at Columbia International University before becoming the Editorial Manager of the Trinitarian Bible Society in London. He is now an Editorial Consultant for the Society as well as a Consultant in Bible and Greek with Spoudason Services.

With the advent of e-book readers one would expect many more people having access to books, dictionaries and study tools. It would be anticipated that with the availability of Amazon’s Kindle, Nook, Sony and other e-book readers, more people would know the joy of reading and want to pass it on to others, particularly as the price of dedicated e-book readers has been declining. However, this is not necessarily the case. Just because someone has a Kindle or a Nook, does not necessarily mean that they are being used for reading. For many, after the new plastic smell has gone away the device finds its way into a drawer, never to see the light of day again. Continue reading


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We are reinstated on Amazon! It was an error.

I want to thank everyone who has supported us. Thank you!

I have just received the following email from Amazon,

Dear Publisher,

It appears as though we may have blocked your account in error and for this, we apologize. Your account has been reinstated and we look forward to publishing more of your works in the future.

Best regards,

I am relieved that this was a mistake and hope I do not have to go through this again (I had to work out several account “glitches” with Amazon and B&N in the past that took months to resolve).


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Amazon has put OSNOVA on a black list and warned of termination

I have just received the following email from Amazon (emphasis is mine):

Dear Publisher,

It has come to our attention that, on multiple occasions, you have uploaded material through your account of unacceptable quality. This has resulted in those titles failing our quality review, or receiving customer complaints, refunds and a poor customer experience. Please note that if you continue to upload material which is of unacceptable quality, we may terminate your account. If your account is terminated, you will not be allowed to open new self-publishing accounts.

We request that you respond to this message stating that you will improve the quality of all future submissions and will correct the issues with the outstanding titles you have for sale on the Kindle Store. Until we receive a response from you regarding these concerns, we will not be reviewing or publishing any additional titles you submit. Any titles submitted will be immediately moved into a “draft” status.

I have not received any prior warnings or any explanation of what they have found in OSNOVA publications of “unacceptable quality.” As you know, OSNOVA has always been about quality and raising the bar in the Kindle publishing, instead of racing down to the rock-bottom prices.  I have written a long-winded response to Amazon, which I will not reproduce here to save your time and to avoid embarrassment of having to praise publicly my own work (if you still want a copy of the response, let me know).

  • I ask all loyal customers to write to the following Amazon email addresses (ip-inquiries@amazon.com, kdp-support@amazon.com, account-update@amazon.com) and tell them what you think of OSNOVA publications. If you like our publications please put in the subject line “In Support of OSNOVA.”  Please copy us.
  • I also ask you to please leave positive reviews to OSNOVA publications on Amazon if you do not wish us to disappear.  To see all OSNOVA publications on Amazon, follow this link but verify that the publisher is listed as OSNOVA (some non-OSNOVA publications also appear for some reason)
  • Finally, if you have a blog or participate in forums, please spread the word about OSNOVA.  The recent flood of competing poor-quality Christian publications on Amazon with tons of apparently fake positive reviews have made us almost invisible there.


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