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Title Contest

It was suggested that the working title for the upcoming publication (i.e. Greek NT for (Absolute) Beginners; see previous post) is somewhat bland.  We need a title that would convey to people that this is the publication that they absolutely must have and can’t live without (which it is, of course :)).

Our own brainstorming has come up with:

  • Ultimate Greek New Testament for Absolute Beginners
  • Greek New Testament for the Rest of Us
  • Practical Greek New Testament (subtitle: “Read this Greek NT even if you don’t read Greek” or “Learn Koine Greek with Us”)
  • and … The One Greek New Testament You Must Have

Well, what do you think?  Would you share your ideas about the title?  If we select your title, we’ll give you any book in the OSNOVA Store for free.



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The Greek New Testament For Beginning Readers, Byzantine Textform (with Direct Verse Jump)

OSNOVA™ is pleased to announce the digital publication of Robinson/Pierpont’s The Greek New Testament for Beginning Readers: Byzantine Textform.

This Greek New Testament includes John Jeffrey Dodson’s lexical information along with brief definitions of words occurring fewer than fifty times, parsing of verbs occurring fewer than fifty times and various other helps particularly useful for those whose Greek is less than perfect, and the OSNOVA edition doesn’t disappoint. These helps are included, and many words are linked to the corresponding lexicon entry and grammatical parsing information.

The Kindle edition from OSNOVA™ includes a number of navigational aids such as Direct Verse Jump and hyperlinked table of contents. Short instructions on their use are included in the book itself, with more detailed instructions available on our blog.

This helpful study tool can be used by a beginning student of Greek or a busy pastor who had his Greek many years ago. You do not have to be an expert in New Testament Greek in order to use this tool profitably. The Kindle format makes this useful information accessible for all students of the Greek New Testament.

You can purchase The Greek New Testament for Beginning Readers: Byzantine Textform at our OSNOVA book store.

Have you experienced the benefits of reading the Word of God in the original languages?


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