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How to Download an eBook to a Kindle from Mac

A couple of days ago we received an email from one of our customers who had a hard time transferring the e-book purchased from our store to the Kindle. This post is meant for those who might experience such difficulty with transferring third party Kindle title to a Kindle from Mac.

“I purchased the NET Bible.  I was able to get it downloaded to my Kindle app that is on my iMac, but it won’t go onto the Kindle.  Do you know what I might be doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated.”

Since we don’t have a Mac ourselves, we asked Richard Mansfield (a Mac user and blogger at to share a few tips and tricks on how he does it. Here is his answer:
There really are no tricks to transfer an OSNOVA title (or any third party Kindle title) over to a Kindle. Now, I’ll tell you that I usually just email mine to the Kindle. Every Kindle has its own email address, and it’s usually quicker for me to email one of the files rather than tracking down my cord and moving it over.

However, if one wants to transfer a title over manually, it’s pretty straightforward. Assuming the purchased title is in the Downloads folder, all one has to do is plug in a Kindle and then drag it to the Kindle/Documents folder as seen below. It can also be copied and pasted.

I’ve got a screenshot below that you can feel free to share with your customer.


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Video Tutorials for OSNOVA Publications

It seems that the Kindle is catching on with lots of folks who are not conversant with computer technology.  For example, some time ago I received an email request for help from an elderly lady from Alabama.  All our email communication led nowhere.  So, finally we had a nice chat over the phone for about 40-45 minutes during which I explained how to use OSNOVA Bibles (the DVJ was the hardest).  I think video tutorials might be a good solution.  Below you will find my first attempts at making video tutorials.  Don’t judge my videos too harshly — I am not competing for the Oscar.

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DVJ and Other Tips on How to Use OSNOVA™ publications

How to use OSNOVA™ publications

First, study the following illustration showing the keys, which are used for navigating OSNOVA™ Kindle publications.

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Useful instructions and tips from a customer

A customer dickthor has come up with useful instructions and tips about OSNOVA Bibles in his review on Amazon. I think others can benefit from them, so I am reprinting them below (I hope dickthor would not mind). At his suggestion, I will be integrating similar instructions into the OSNOVA Bibles themselves. If you have other tips, please post in the comments and I will consider adding them to the instructions.

But first please note that the new Direct Verse Jump (DVJ-2) method may be easier to use for novices. See its description here.

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DVJ-2 is here!

I am rolling out another navigation method. I’m calling it DVJ-2 because it also allows jumping directly to any verse in the Bible using a different technique from the current Direct Verse Jump method.  The great news is that it is in addition to the existing navigation methods, so you will not lose anything by upgrading.

As always, the customers receive upgrades for free. Just send me an email to indicating which Bible version you want to upgrade. If you have previously sent me the proof-of-purchase copy of the Osnova Bible, then you need not send it again.  If not, then please attach to your email the OSNOVA Bible file that you’ve bought.

If you know DVJ, then DVJ-2 is a piece of cake. While reading your OSNOVA Bible, press Menu, then press Index and type the typical DVJ abbreviation for the passage you want but instead of periods use spaces (for example “jn 3 16”).

More detailed instructions are available at this link.


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