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OSNOVA ebook store for direct sales

I’ve been considering for some time whether and how to start an online store for direct sales in addition to selling OSNOVA books on Amazon and Nook.
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Egypt is on my mind and in my prayers.

Twenty years ago (1991), I lived through another turmoil — the collapse of the Soviet Union. I was on the cusp between childhood and adolescence then. What followed was impossibly hard for many (abject poverty for millions, lawlessness, breakdown of an established economic system, overnight collapse of the worldview and belief system of several generations) but in the end it was for the good.

People say there is a Chinese curse, “May you live in times of change and upheaval (or possibly interesting times).” I pray that 2011 would not be the time of damnation for the Egyptian people but the beginning of the change for the better.

Facebook post How to Pray for Egypt.

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The Bible … God’s Word

God has revealed Himself through His Word to His people.

One of God’s mercies is that He allows us access to the Word in our own language. At the time of hundreds of English translations “competing” for our attention and each extolling its virtues, we may not realize how huge this is.
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Suggestions are welcome.

Here in OSNOVA’s workshop, we are working on a large number of projects (other Bible translations, parallel Bibles, Bible commentaries, study materials, works of Christians of the past, etc.).  Some of them will be out soon, some will take longer, some may not see the light of day for months or years (the quality of publications is paramount).   A number of projects have been suggested by OSNOVA customers.

However, I am always open to new suggestions what you would like to see on the Kindle (and who knows maybe other e-readers).  Please note that, with a few exceptions, I cannot work on copyrighted works.

I am also open to suggestions about improvements to the current publications.


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Call for thoughtful reviews

I’ve received another trenchant review for the Douay-Rheims Bible, which has upset me to no end. Right now that translation has three reviews, one five-star where person knows his Bible and two (one-star and three-star) from people who have no idea that there might be other Bibles that are different from KJV, NKJV, NASB, NIV, etc.

In short, I am upset that I am spending months (or for some even years) working on a Bible edition for the Kindle and then people jump with a very negative review without checking their facts.  So, I ask for thoughtful reviews and not knew-jerk ones.  Please post your thoughtful reviews for OSNOVA publications on Amazon!

You can read the review and my response at this link


ADDED LATER: I realize I was a bit too emotional in my comment. I am passionate about what I do.  Please forgive me.


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Is it “unbiblical” to charge money for digital copies of the Bible?

A person, who goes by Dougie Quick on Amazon, has left me a scathing review with only 2 stars. I will reprint his entire review below but first I would like to invite discussion in the comments about whether “it is unbiblical to charge money” for “digital copies of the KJV Bible.” On another note, there are hundreds of free KJV Bibles available on the Internet, including on Also, if you can’t afford the OSNOVA edition of the Bible but would really like it for your Kindle, please send me an email and I will send you a copy for free.

On a lighter note, OSNOVA could have charged the price of this book, but didn’t.  That should count for something.


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