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KJV New Testament with Strong’s markup, Greek dictionary and more

KJV New Testament with Strong’s markup, Greek dictionary and more
KJV New Testament with Strong’s markup, Greek dictionary and more

Almost every word of this KJV New Testament is marked up with Strong’s numbers and grammatical markings, which are linked with the included Dictionary of Greek Words taken from the Exhaustive Concordance by James Strong and excerpts from Thayer’s Greek Lexicon and other useful information.

In addition, this version of the KJV New Testament includes:

– Direct Verse Jump, a revolutionary new method to open the exact verse you need in mere seconds (see below)
– two other ways to navigate between books and chapters: (i) using a hyperlinked table of contents; and (ii) pressing the joystick right or left to move between chapters of the New Testament. Once you learn all of the three navigation methods, you will be able to open any verse in your Kindle Bible as fast as (or even faster than) in your paper copy
– The text of this electronic edition is painstakingly verified to be true to the KJV paper editions (no typos, no OCR errors)
– beautifully formatted
– easy to determine where you are in the New Testament
– as any Kindle book, the KJV New Testatement is searchable; however, when you first install the file please wait for the Kindle to index the whole book (most of the time about 10 minutes; however, sometimes up to 8-10 hours). The file is large and it takes a long time to index. For this reason, the DVJ navigation method will be available only after the book has been indexed

Direct Verse Jump: new navigation method using the search functionality:

In this version, all you need to do is type an abbreviated book name (see the table of contents for the complete list), then period, then chapter number, period again, and then verse number and finally press “find” twice (you need not wait for the Kindle to display the search results) and you will be looking at that particular verse in seconds. If you just need to open the first verse of any chapter then the verse number is not necessary. Do not forget periods and use only the abbreviations that are listed in the table of contents.

For example, if you wish to select chapter 3 of Matthew, you would:
1. type the standard abbreviation for Matthew (see the table of contents for a complete list), then period, and finally number “3” in other words: mt.3
2. click “find” (or just “enter” if you have Kindle 3) twice and you are there.

For John 3:16, you type “jn.3.16” and click twice “enter”.

Note that you should put the chapter number even for books that have only one chapter. For example, the Epistle from Jude verse 5 would translate to “jud.1.5” and a double click on the enter.

If you would like the complete KJV Bible without Strong’s markup, please consider the following publications: ASIN B0030T1DPY (paragraphed), ASIN B002TG4P8Q (verse per line), and ASIN B0032JSL84 (TTS-friendly).

If you have any questions or concerns at all about this (or any other of my publications), please email me at

NOTE: Many features of this publication will not work on Kindle 1, software Kindles such as Kindles for PC, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry or Android.



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The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia for the Kindle

The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia for the Kindle
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia for the Kindle

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Soule’s Dictionary of English Synonyms for the Kindle

A Kindle edition of the dictionary of synonyms (thesaurus) by Richard Soule, which was popular in XIX century. It can be used as a default Kindle dictionary.

The New York Times wrote, Soule’s dictionary “is arranged like an ordinary dictionary, and not only acts as a dictionary of synonyms, but is serviceable as a dictionary of definitions. These definitions, given not in sentences, but by means of lists of words, each having an allied significance, thus serve a double purpose. For all ordinary uses the book might well be employed as a dictionary of definitions.

Based on the edition published by J.B. LIPPINCOTT Company in 1915; significantly revised, updated, and adapted for the electronic use by OSNOVA in 2009; no copyright is claimed in the original 1915 text.

For other publications by OSNOVA, please visit the OSNOVA Press website.

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Fernald’s Dictionary of English Synonyms and Antonyms for the Kindle

A Practical and Invaluable Guide to Clear and Precise Diction for Writers, Speakers, Students, Business Persons and Professionals

Fernald’s acclaimed dictionary of synonyms and antonyms provides detailed articles discriminating the shades in meaning and usage between synonyms. Now, for the first time, it is available in the Kindle electronic dictionary format with the integrated index and excellent navigation – just type in a word to see the list of available articles or select a letter in the table of contents to read it as a regular book.

Based on the 28th edition published by Funk & Wagnalls Company in 1914; significantly revised, updated, and adapted for the electronic use by OSNOVA in 2009.

What others have said about Ferndald’s work:

  • “The work is likely to prove of great value to all writers.”—Washington Evening Star.
  • “The book will receive high appreciation from thoughtful students who seek the most practical help.”—Grand Rapids Herald.
  • “It is written in a clear and pleasing style and so arranged that but a moment’s time is needed to find any line of the hundreds of important though small words which this book discusses.”—Chattanooga Times.
  • “Its practical reference value is great, and it is a great satisfaction to note the care and attention to detail and fine shades of meaning the author has bestowed upon the words he discusses.”—Church Review, Hartford.
  • “A work of great practical helpfulness to a large class of people.”—Louisville Courier-Journal.
  • “This is one of the most useful books for writers, speakers, and all who care for the use of language, which has appeared in a long time.”—Cumberland Presbyterian, Nashville.

For other publications by OSNOVA, please visit the OSNOVA Press website.

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The Largest Dictionary and Thesaurus for the Kindle

WordNet is a lexical database of the English language containing about 150,000 words organized in over 115,000 synsets for a total of 207,000 word-sense pairs. It groups English nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs into sets of cognitive synonyms called synsets each expressing a distinct concept. WordNet provides short, general definitions, and records conceptual-semantic and lexical relations between these synonym sets. The resulting network of meaningfully related words and concepts is a combination of dictionary and thesaurus that is more intuitively usable than traditional dictionaries.

This Kindle edition is a fully functional dictionary and thesaurus and can be installed as a default dictionary on the Kindle.

Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved. For license and terms of use please see the complete text of the license inside the publication.

For other publications by OSNOVA, please visit the OSNOVA Press website.

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