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Value of the Bible by Noah Webster







You can purchase your copy of Value of the Bible by Noah Webster on or at the OSNOVA store.

The general object of this little book is to show the excellence of the Christian religion, and of course, to prove the inestimable value of the book, in which this religion is revealed and inculcated. The writer has aimed to present to the reader the evidence of purpose or design in the works of creation; thus proving the wisdom and benevolence of the creator, no less than his unlimited power. So in the moral system, the adaptation of the laws of God to the best interests of men, both in temporal and spiritual things, is clear evidence of his wisdom and benevolence; and both in the physical and moral systems, the adaptation of means to ends affords indisputable proof of intelligence in the author.

“The Christian religion has already changed the aspect of a large part of the world. It has banished idolatry and pagan superstition from many countries; it has civilized and softened the manners of nations; it has mitigated the cruelties of war; it has inspired a spirit of peace; it has raised the female part of our species from degradation and slavery; it has founded charitable institutions to alleviate the sufferings of the poor; it has introduced the true principles of civil liberty; it has begun to arrest the barbarous practice of enslaving our fellow men; it has changed or is changing the character of the whole world. After a lapse of eighteen hundred years, men have learned that they are bound to labor for the furtherance of the gospel; that this is the great, the principal duty of all Christian nations, to which all other schemes of improvement are subordinate; and the work will prosper; the gospel will triumph, till all men living shall bow to the scepter of Jesus Christ.”


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The Works of Jonathan Edwards

This publication is a collection of the memoirs, treatises and important sermons and essays of Jonathan Edwards, the greatest American theologian and philosopher, a contemporary of Benjamin Franklin, who was educated at Yale University, served as the president of Princeton University, and whose sermons such as Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God sparked the Great Awakening in the eighteenth-century America.

The Kindle edition from OSNOVA™ includes the text of the two paper volumes of the Works of Jonathan Edwards, featuring an excellent formatting, active tables of contents (a short and a detailed one), transparent structure of the complicated collection of works, a “5-way controller” navigation between books, chapters and sections, and a cross-reference system between the Collection and the included Bible. All these features make it easy to navigate to any section of any work of Jonathan Edwards within seconds.

For your convenience, The Works of Jonathan Edwards are available on ,  and at the .


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ON KINDLE AND NOOK: Practical Religion by J.C. Ryle

Practical Religion by J.C. Ryle

Link to the Nook edition.

J.C. Ryle, Practical Religion: Being Plain Papers on the Daily Duties, Experience, Dangers, and Privileges of Professing Christians

It’s a breath of fresh air to read someone who is not afraid to offend the sensibilities of the lost, calls sin sin, challenges formal Christless “Churchianity” to put up or shut up, and shakes the saved from slumber.  His words pierce deeply and convict, and yet are written from an aching heart of a wise pastor and with the spirit of Christ’s love for precious souls facing everlasting “unquenchable fire,” “the worm that never dies,” and “the gnashing of teeth.” Continue reading

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The Institutes of the Christian Religion by John Calvin

The Institutes of the Christian Religion (best navigation with Direct Verse Jump)

The seminal Christian work that has been called “the most important book written in the last 500 years” is finally available from OSNOVA.
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