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“Like a Thief in the Night…”

It was another busy September morning. Moms fed their children breakfast and drove them to schools. Men and women rushed through traffic to their jobs. Students just sat through their first lecture. Nothing unusual. Just another day.

And then the time stopped.

Or did it actually move faster?

Fear, chaos, disbelief, panic, pain, grief.

How did it all happen?

Was anybody prepared for this?

How come we missed the signs, the “red flags”, the warnings?!

September 11th was a wake up call. Apparently, the life had become so laid back and comfortable, that people were lulled to believe the false sense of security and well-being. The death and destruction came in unexpectedly, stealing thousands of lives and bringing a flood of pain, sorrow, and uncertainty.

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A few days ago our oldest son turned six. Our family is not very big on holidays and celebrations, but our kids’ birthdays are different. For them we go an extra mile.

This year I (Oksana) woke up very early to set up Bogdan’s birthday gifts in the living room, so he would have a nice surprise when he got up. Illya took a day off at work in order for us to go to Legoland as a family to celebrate our firstborn’s special day.

Bogdan had an amazing day, enjoying the rides, attractions and water park!

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Happy 10th Anniversary to My One and Only!..

Hello, all! My name is Oksana Antonenko. I am one of the happiest women in the world, because I am married to my soul mate, Illya Antonenko, who also happens to be the driving force and the brain power behind all OSNOVA projects. Today we are celebrating our 10th year wedding anniversary. God has led us in the most amazing and unique ways. I want to share our love story with you and give glory to our Lord and Savior for His faithfulness and loving kindness.

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