Title Contest

It was suggested that the working title for the upcoming publication (i.e. Greek NT for (Absolute) Beginners; see previous post) is somewhat bland.  We need a title that would convey to people that this is the publication that they absolutely must have and can’t live without (which it is, of course :)).

Our own brainstorming has come up with:

  • Ultimate Greek New Testament for Absolute Beginners
  • Greek New Testament for the Rest of Us
  • Practical Greek New Testament (subtitle: “Read this Greek NT even if you don’t read Greek” or “Learn Koine Greek with Us”)
  • and … The One Greek New Testament You Must Have

Well, what do you think?  Would you share your ideas about the title?  If we select your title, we’ll give you any book in the OSNOVA Store for free.



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9 responses to “Title Contest

  1. A couple come to mind:
    “Accessible New Testament Greek: Learn by Doing”
    “Digging with Biblical Greek: Tools Included”

    That ought to have it flying into Shopping Carts! 🙂

    I think $4.99 would be about right.

  2. The Essential Greek New Testament For The Absolute Beginner

  3. Jad Khoury

    How about “The Greek New Testament Bible in English”. I also think $4.99 is good price.

  4. Via email, “Practical Greek New Testament with every Greek word identified and made understandable.” It could be a subtitle/by-line.

  5. How about: The Greek Study Bible with English Tools (GSBET for short). 😉

  6. Daryl Raper

    How about “Original New Testament for Beginners”

  7. We have a winner. The announcement will come a bit later.

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