Upcoming publication: Greek NT for those who don’t read Greek

We are putting finishing touches on the Greek New Testament for Absolute Beginners (a working title). It was done for personal reasons. We don’t read Greek.  We made it as useful as possible for ourselves, in other words it will be a useful tool for those who don’t know Greek but want to read the NT in its original. It will combine parallel Greek and English texts, will link each Greek word with a code identifying its grammatical categories and the included Greek lexicon. This new e-book will contain many more useful features for those who don’t read Greek but want to study it or simply “read” the Greek NT (I know one of my friends would say it’s a dangerous thing). Screenshots after the cut.  Let us know  what you think.



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10 responses to “Upcoming publication: Greek NT for those who don’t read Greek

  1. Josh Foster

    Looks great!

  2. This is absolutely great!
    After one-year Greek course I still prefer interlinerar GNTs. This will be even better than your Greek NT for beginning readers. If you include full Strong dictionary, this could be ultimate GNT for non-scholars. 🙂

    • The Lexicon will have much more than Strong’s dictionary (of course, Strong’s will be included). It will have the summary of Thayer’s entries, some words will have entries from Manual Greek Lexicon by Abbott Smith. I am toying with the idea of including this into the OSNOVA Study Bible but Amazon may not like it (they don’t sell Greek publications).

  3. This is really good, Illya. In my opinion, the relative “simpleness” (relative as compared to a computer) will enhance one’s learning because there will be more focus upon the page. One is not distracted with too much material or multiple pages on one screen. What I am trying to communicate may make no sense to anyone else, but it is perfectly clear in my own mind. 😉

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  5. This looks really cool. What texts are you using?

    • The Greek is Robinson-Pierpont 2005 (it was released by them into the public domain). The English is WEB (the only modern translation without copyright). The focus is on Greek though, the English is only there as a crutch.

  6. Peter

    I can’t wait to buy this at Amazon. I bought some of your other works. Love them. I have the ESV Study Bible, Matthew Henry, Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown, etc. I don’t know what a person was saying that you did not work on the NET Bible that is being sold on the Amazon site. Is that still true? What is the difference? When can you get this Greek tool up? I would love to get it supported by Amazon’s cloud system where I can put it on my computer and keep pages synced.
    By the way, I am using The Greek New Testament: SBL Edition by Michael Holmes, and I wish that there was a simple Greek dictionary where I can just select the work and the definition shows up (as the English does). Is that possible?
    Thanks for the good work in providing such great books and Bibles for the Kindle.

    • Peter, thank you for your support. I’ll address your points one by one.

      1. As I mentioned, Amazon does not want to sell this title (as well as any other titles in Greek). When I pointed out that there are some Greek ebooks available for sale, they did not say anything. So, do not expect to buy it from Amazon. However, you can still pay through Amazon when you purchase at OSNOVA Store (we do not process payments ourselves, it’s done either by Amazon or Paypal at your choice). When (if) you purchase form us, Amazon cloud services will not be available for this title.

      2. There was a short period of time (I believe) when the NET Bible’s copyright holder decided to sell their own version and not the one that was done by us. They received a number of negative reviews immediately and apparently returned to selling the version converted by OSNOVA. We had nothing to do with ESV; however, they implemented our DVJ-2 technique to the t. So, it works identically to an OSNOVA publication without being one.

      3. Kindles do not support Greek dictionaries. Internally, I made one and none of our Kindles would use it as a dictionary at all. So, no there is no way currently to have a Greek dictionary to look-up words in the text. This is the reason why I had to hyperlink every single word in this GNT to the lexicon and grammatical parsing info.

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