Issues with Amazon’s Kindle publishing platform

Given the appearance of Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire, we are updating our publications to work better with touchscreens.  However, Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform does not function properly at the moment and prevents us from updating the files sold on Amazon.  As a temporary measure, if you have a problem with how OSNOVA publications work on Kindle Touch or Fire, please send us an email  to describing the issue and attaching a purchase receipt.  We will send an updated file in an email if we are able to correct the issue.

Specifically, when we try to update a publication and upload a well-formatted mobi/prc file to KDP, the upload appears to be successful but when the conversion starts, we receive an error “A conversion error occurred. Please try again after sometime.”  This has never happened before.  Other people report the same issue:



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6 responses to “Issues with Amazon’s Kindle publishing platform

  1. Dan Chapman

    I have a question. I just got a basic Kindle and got your King James with the Apocrypha. I very much like it, but I am not an expert in the King’s English. One of the reasons I went ahead and got it was I was thinking that the dictionaries on Kindle would help me. However, the Kindle is telling me that I don’t have a dictionary “for that language.” Do you know a way to make the Kindle (through your KJV) link to the dictionaries? Thank you!

    • Dan,

      Yes, I know about the issue with dictionaries, which resulted from changes to Kindle’s software. Due to Amazon’s problems with their server (they haven’t yet fixed them), I can’t upload updated files to Amazon. Please give me the exact title of the Bible that you bought and I will send you an updated file via email.

      Also please note that due to the awkward keyboard function on your Kindle, it’s really hard to use DVJ.

      • Dan Chapman

        Thank you very much for the quick reply. Yes, the DVJ is awkward with the limited keyboard function, but the way you laid out the table of contents is very helpful. The Bible is the Kindle Bible (KJV with Apocrypha) (best navigation with Direct Verse Jump). It’s the one with the Dedication and Translators’ Preface. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining just looking for way to connect it to the dictionary, if I can. Thank you for your help!

      • Dan Chapman

        Hello, I wanted to get back with you and see if you could help me connect this Kindle Bible (KJV with Apocrypha) to one of the dictionaries on my Kindle. Thank you much!

  2. Dan,
    My apologies for the delay. I’ve sent you the updated file via email. Let me know how it works on your Kindle. The interface with more hyperlinks should be helpful.

  3. Thank you for your very rapid response. I have installed the new file that you sent to me and am pleased to report that it is working perfectly.

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