Spurgeon: The world likes a religion they cannot comprehend!

… many people are fond of an intricate worship – an involved religion – one they can hardly understand. They cannot endure worship so simple as ours. Then they must have a man dressed in white, and a man dressed in black; then they must have what they call an altar and a chancel. After a little while that will not suffice, and they must have flowerpots and candles. The clergyman then becomes a priest, and he must have a variegated dress, with a cross on it. So it goes on; what is simply a plate becomes a paten, and what was once a cup becomes a chalice; and the more complicated the ceremonies are, the better they like them. They like their minister to stand like a superior being. The world likes a religion they cannot comprehend! But have you never noticed how gloriously simple the Bible is? It will not have any of your nonsense, it speaks plain, and nothing but plain things. “Look!” There is not an unconverted man who likes this “Look unto Christ, and be ye saved.”

from the sermon “Sovereignty and Salvation” by C.H. Spurgeon



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2 responses to “Spurgeon: The world likes a religion they cannot comprehend!

  1. Hello…..as an ex R.C. I endorse all that Spurgeon says !!, except that I never liked it, but it was my parents way and I had no choice. and even when they died I carried on, since it seemed to be ‘the thing to do’ in my position.
    But when a merciful God said “enough is enough” He gifted the Holy Spirit into my heart, and my eyes were opened to the Way, the Ttruth , and the Life. and I was able to believe that Jesus was my only hope of salvation.

    • Thank you, Monica, for sharing.

      The key is to keep the focus on Jesus and his sacrifice for our sins (Heb. 12:2) without either complicating the plan of salvation (Matt. 23.4) or trivializing it. Saying that the Gospel is simple does not make it shallow (Eph. 3:17-19).

      Our God is full of inexhaustible riches and beyond comprehension, yet he made it possible for any man to come to him through Jesus Christ with the assistance of the Holy Spirit.

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