How to Download an eBook to a Kindle from Mac

A couple of days ago we received an email from one of our customers who had a hard time transferring the e-book purchased from our store to the Kindle. This post is meant for those who might experience such difficulty with transferring third party Kindle title to a Kindle from Mac.

“I purchased the NET Bible.  I was able to get it downloaded to my Kindle app that is on my iMac, but it won’t go onto the Kindle.  Do you know what I might be doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated.”

Since we don’t have a Mac ourselves, we asked Richard Mansfield (a Mac user and blogger at to share a few tips and tricks on how he does it. Here is his answer:
There really are no tricks to transfer an OSNOVA title (or any third party Kindle title) over to a Kindle. Now, I’ll tell you that I usually just email mine to the Kindle. Every Kindle has its own email address, and it’s usually quicker for me to email one of the files rather than tracking down my cord and moving it over.

However, if one wants to transfer a title over manually, it’s pretty straightforward. Assuming the purchased title is in the Downloads folder, all one has to do is plug in a Kindle and then drag it to the Kindle/Documents folder as seen below. It can also be copied and pasted.

I’ve got a screenshot below that you can feel free to share with your customer.


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  1. The latest update: the customer who struggled with transferring the e-book from Mac has successfully E-MAILED it to the Kindle. This method was the easiest and most effective. Thank you, Rick, for suggesting that one!

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