Amazon has put OSNOVA on a black list and warned of termination

I have just received the following email from Amazon (emphasis is mine):

Dear Publisher,

It has come to our attention that, on multiple occasions, you have uploaded material through your account of unacceptable quality. This has resulted in those titles failing our quality review, or receiving customer complaints, refunds and a poor customer experience. Please note that if you continue to upload material which is of unacceptable quality, we may terminate your account. If your account is terminated, you will not be allowed to open new self-publishing accounts.

We request that you respond to this message stating that you will improve the quality of all future submissions and will correct the issues with the outstanding titles you have for sale on the Kindle Store. Until we receive a response from you regarding these concerns, we will not be reviewing or publishing any additional titles you submit. Any titles submitted will be immediately moved into a “draft” status.

I have not received any prior warnings or any explanation of what they have found in OSNOVA publications of “unacceptable quality.” As you know, OSNOVA has always been about quality and raising the bar in the Kindle publishing, instead of racing down to the rock-bottom prices.  I have written a long-winded response to Amazon, which I will not reproduce here to save your time and to avoid embarrassment of having to praise publicly my own work (if you still want a copy of the response, let me know).

  • I ask all loyal customers to write to the following Amazon email addresses (,, and tell them what you think of OSNOVA publications. If you like our publications please put in the subject line “In Support of OSNOVA.”  Please copy us.
  • I also ask you to please leave positive reviews to OSNOVA publications on Amazon if you do not wish us to disappear.  To see all OSNOVA publications on Amazon, follow this link but verify that the publisher is listed as OSNOVA (some non-OSNOVA publications also appear for some reason)
  • Finally, if you have a blog or participate in forums, please spread the word about OSNOVA.  The recent flood of competing poor-quality Christian publications on Amazon with tons of apparently fake positive reviews have made us almost invisible there.


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8 responses to “Amazon has put OSNOVA on a black list and warned of termination

  1. This is crazy and I hope Amazon have made a simple mistake. I have sent a polite email describing the work you have done and the quality emphasis that you employ. Lets pray that all will be well. If Amazon proceed then we know that this is a spiritual matter but our Father will respond with much more if you trust in him which I am sure you do. Rest in his peace. James 🙂

  2. I just sent emails. Like James said, hopefully this is a mistake. With all the poorly-formatted Kindle books Amazon sells, OSNOVA is a breath of fresh air.

  3. Hopefully this is an error on Amazon’s part, Illya — but even if this is a result of large Bible publishers swamping Amazon with negative feedback, I have faith that reason will prevail. I do hope that others of your loyal customers will join me in writing to Amazon as you’ve requested, and that we all make time to write glowing Amazon reviews of the OSNOVA books that you’ve made available. Please keep up the good work! Many blessings, Michael.

  4. Thank you for the support. I don’t know what to think but give everything to the Lord. As long it is “the accepted time” and the “day of salvation”, I’ll be spreading the Word.

  5. chris

    I can’t imagine what’s going on either…I looked at the customer reviews and they’re very good!?! I would consider pulling some of your older stuff if its not compatible with the update on the Kindle. I think I initially had trouble with the WEB and maybe one of the KJVs that had bold for Jesus’ words. But with your customer service its hard to believe that would be a problem!

  6. Illya, this email sounds fake and doesn’t make any sense. I would call Amazon, not email them. Did they include a number for you to call in the email they sent? If not, I would again say it is fake. Call to be sure…

  7. Just read Kenny Silva’s post about the resistance we face in our life, work and ministry – I guess, this incident is a part of that hostile force. Great article, by the way!

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