Video Tutorials for OSNOVA Publications

It seems that the Kindle is catching on with lots of folks who are not conversant with computer technology.  For example, some time ago I received an email request for help from an elderly lady from Alabama.  All our email communication led nowhere.  So, finally we had a nice chat over the phone for about 40-45 minutes during which I explained how to use OSNOVA Bibles (the DVJ was the hardest).  I think video tutorials might be a good solution.  Below you will find my first attempts at making video tutorials.  Don’t judge my videos too harshly — I am not competing for the Oscar.

DVJ-2 Tutorial

TOC and 5-Way Controller Tutorial

Bible Commentary Tutorial



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6 responses to “Video Tutorials for OSNOVA Publications

  1. Evelyn

    Thanks for the Video, Osnova. Although the Video shows a thumb pressing on the screen I’d better state the obvious for Kindle newbies that when the instruction on the video states ‘Press Here’ it means ‘move the cursor to that location and press the centre of the 5-way controller on the Kindle 🙂

    • Thank you, Evelyn. I tried to explain how the 5-way controller works in another video and written tutorial. When I revise this video tutorial, I’ll explain it in more detail.

  2. Roger

    Dear Osnova,

    I had the amazon Net Bible version before, but I could not navigate so well. I was told to delete the Amazon version and purchase the NEt Bible directly from your web site. So I eased the amazon version and went to your web site and purchased a NET Bible direct from Osnova. It seems after following your tutorial I still cannot navigate still into the commentaries.

    What do you suggest?

    Thank you.


    • It is hard to diagnose the problem from your description. You say you can’t navigate to the commentaries. Just to be clear, there are 60,000 notes in the NET Bible but there is no separate organized commentary. While you read the NET Bible, you will see subscript underlined numbers, which are hyperlinks to the corresponding notes. You use the 5-way controller to move the cursor to any of those numbers, the cursor turns into a hand with finger pointing at the number, then you should press in the middle of the 5-way controller to follow the link to the note. Once you finish reading the note, press the Back button to return to the Bible text. If this explanation doesn’t help, please email me at osnova AT

  3. you might show how to navigate in the kindle touch 3 G. But I haven’t seen it. I have the ISBE encyclopedia on my kindle touch 3 G. I could use some help in getting around in it. thanks, sharon

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