The Works of Jonathan Edwards

This publication is a collection of the memoirs, treatises and important sermons and essays of Jonathan Edwards, the greatest American theologian and philosopher, a contemporary of Benjamin Franklin, who was educated at Yale University, served as the president of Princeton University, and whose sermons such as Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God sparked the Great Awakening in the eighteenth-century America.

The Kindle edition from OSNOVA™ includes the text of the two paper volumes of the Works of Jonathan Edwards, featuring an excellent formatting, active tables of contents (a short and a detailed one), transparent structure of the complicated collection of works, a “5-way controller” navigation between books, chapters and sections, and a cross-reference system between the Collection and the included Bible. All these features make it easy to navigate to any section of any work of Jonathan Edwards within seconds.

For your convenience, The Works of Jonathan Edwards are available on ,  and at the .



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10 responses to “The Works of Jonathan Edwards

  1. Bill

    I looked at the preview for about 2 minutes and then purchased the book, you do great work. Thanks.

    • Thank you, sir. I tried to fix as many OCR errors as possible but in the huge 2-volume set there still could be some lurking. If you find any, please let me know.

      I have separately been working on the JFB Commentary for months now. So, it will be next but can’t say when.

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  3. Jesús S. Pérez

    I found your version of Jonathan Edwards’ works in the Spanish Amazon webpage and bought it right away. Thanks for your work.

    PS: I had already bought your KJV with apocrypha in the regular American site.

    PS2: Any chance of an Osnova version of the Reina Valera 1569 Version with notes in paragraph format?

    • Thank you for your kind words. My lack of knowledge of Spanish limits my ability to publish more Spanish publications. So far, I have only R-V 1909 at

      Do you know of a good source of text for R-V 1569?

      • Jesús S. Pérez

        Unfortunately the only thing link I can provide is al link to a pdf image scan. By the way I bought your 1909 version (and Calvin’s institutes as well.)

      • Scan pdf is not a good option for me (I don’t speak Spanish). BTW, if you like the publications would you please leave reviews on Amazon. I have 1 one-star review for 1909 from a guy who didn’t know much about the Spanish Bible. Creo/crio was his issue.

  4. Jesús S. Pérez

    You can see my review. Also I have left an explanation to the guy concerning the Gen. 1:1 creó / crió thing. Though I am very much afraid that he will not change his mind.

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