Pre-Grand Opening of the OSNOVA Store

Some of you may have noticed the link to the right. The link is …

Yes, that’s right! The OSNOVA store which was only contemplated a couple of weeks ago is ready for business!

Before we do a grand opening and announce the store to the world, I would like to extend an exclusive pre-grand opening 50%-off coupon to the blog readers. This is your chance to expand your collection of OSNOVA publications.

To claim the discount, please enter “osnova” in the coupon section at the checkout. The coupon will expire in one week.

Please note that any purchase at the OSNOVA store is a direct sale from us (not Amazon), which means: (i) you will have to download the book to your computer and then transfer it to your Kindle (see the Tutorials section in the store); (ii) Amazon archive will not have a copy of the book; (iii) Kindle synchronization, popular highlights and other social features will not be available. On the other hand, a direct sale will show your support to OSNOVA (most of the price will go to us rather than Amazon) and you will receive exclusive offers from us in the future.

In the OSNOVA Store, you can pay through Paypal or your regular Amazon account. This means that your credit card information will not be collected by us or stored on our website. Paypal and Amazon are much better in keeping this information secure.

UPDATE: The earlier issue with orders from outside the United States should be now resolved. Please let me know if it is not so.



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3 responses to “Pre-Grand Opening of the OSNOVA Store

  1. Ann Green

    I just ordered 2 items from your site…how do I download them to my Kindle 3?
    ransaction Details
    To: OSNOVA
    From: Ann Green

    • Ann,

      First, thank you for making the order. Right after the email confirming the order, you were supposed to receive another email with a link to the download page. Please follow the instructions at on how to get the files to your Kindle. I am trying to get an easy explanation on ins and outs and hope that the Tutorial covers it. Let me know if this is helpful or if you require additional assistance.

      I sent the same message to your email account.

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