OSNOVA ebook store for direct sales

I’ve been considering for some time whether and how to start an online store for direct sales in addition to selling OSNOVA books on Amazon and Nook.

It would allow for more buying options for customers and will hopefully generate some additional income for my family (I have three kids now :). Amazon pays me $1.75 for each book sold for $4.99. Anything higher than that would be welcome. I do not think I would be able to generate lots of sales this way but who knows.

I have also received requests whether people can distribute books for free through my website. This would definitely be an option if the books are Christian, clean and otherwise meet my admittedly subjective criteria for usefulness to the body of Christ.

I will most likely re-purpose the osnova.com domain to this store, with this blog remaining at
https://osnovapress.wordpress.com. I am somewhat concerned about the disruption that it may create because I haven’t tried anything like this before and you may witness some growing pains.

I’ve been researching various online store carts (3dcart, volusion, cubecart, americart, oscommerce) that would allow for the delivery of ebooks and could integrate with secure payment options. For the latter, there is Paypal, Google Checkout, Amazon Payments, or I could open my own merchant account with one of the reputable processors.  I even called around some Christian web development companies for a customized solution, but their prices have put me in a state of shock.

Well, this is a long post. I would welcome any comments, suggestions, advice, and feedback on my plans.

My main goal remains to offer Bibles and other “foundational” (that’s what OSNOVA stands for) Christian materials of the best quality to edify the body of Christ and save the souls.

If you are a great graphic designer and could help with the site design and/or cover design for a reasonable fee, I would like to hear from you.



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7 responses to “OSNOVA ebook store for direct sales

  1. I think it’s a good idea especially for readers from EU. I live in Poland so your $4.99 NET Bible costs actually $8.04 ($4.99 + $2 for whispernet + 15% VAT).

    As of the website I think you could look for the simplest solutions like Zen Cart, Presta Shop or event WordPress with some ecommerce plugins. Paypal is the obvious way for payment.

  2. Spoudason

    I do not want to criticize amazon.co.uk. I think they do a fine work and I’m very pleased with them. However, some of their titles are slow in arriving in the UK. Others are just not offered – possibly due to publishers deals (or the lack thereof). We also have to pay VAT on e-book titles whereas we do not have to on books. To be able to have the option of purchasing from you if Amazon does not handle something or is slow on the uptake would be a benefit and a blessing. Competition in the marketplace is always a good thing.

    I will pray for wisdom for you as you look to this project. I’m also sending your information to an excellent Christian designer.

  3. Yes, I think you should start your own online store. Long after people have downloaded the eBook onto their Kindles, they can remember your shop/blog/site if you link to it in the eBooks you make. It should also give you more direct control over pricing, custom editions, new releases, blog news, and so on. You as labourer are worthy of your hire.

    In fact, I want to buy your NET Bible eBook right now, but I would rather send all the money directly to you instead of Amazon. Is there a way I can do it?

    • The NET Bible is the only one that I need to get the permission to sell directly. I’ll discuss this with the copyright holder but don’t think it would be an issue.
      Amazon also does not allow selling in other channels for a price that is lower than what is offered to Amazon. But I believe I would be able to offer coupons and other incentives from the base price. I’ve already posted the link to the beta store. Not all products are listed but I think the store works already.

  4. Hi,

    I’m always encouraged to a see the great work that you do and I also agree that you should start your online store. I can’t offer you a full website design, as I am working on several projects at the moment to move God’s Word, but I don’t mind doing a few bits for you. I work with flash and could design some banners etc for you. I won’t do this for money but for the love for God’s Word and his people – so no charge. Design is not my fulltime job but please have a look at http://www.thegreatsecret.org to see some of my work. I also don’t mind sharing links between us if you are blessed.

    • James, I am interested in banners and link exchanges. I’ll send you an email. I would feel bad charging money for the Bible and not paying you for your work.

  5. Thank you, all, for your encouragement. You may have noticed the link to a beta store that I have posted on the right. It is operational; however, I am not yet officially cutting the ribbon because I am still populating the store with products and learning how to use the software. My first sale in the store was yesterday! The payment and delivery works. So far, I have two automatic payment systems: Paypal and Amazon Payments. I may add Google Checkout. The best thing about these is that I do not have to deal with people’s credit cards, these large companies can provide more security that I can.

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