DVJ-2 on ESV! Well, not in name.


I am happy to report that ESV has done it. They integrated the DVJ-2 (keeping the DVJ book abbreviations!) and 5-way controller moves between books OR chapters (I didn’t advertise this new feature that was quietly rolled out in December or January; the idea was suggested to me by a customer) into the ESV Study Bible!

They call it “Direct Access to Any Verse.”

It was at my nudging but without my help. (Actually, their blog reader Eric suggested that they use my DVJ back in January 22, 2010, I wrote to them emails somewhat later) Please read the announcement and my comment here [UPDATE: the review was deleted from Amazon].  Their blog announcement is here.

Here is their description of the navigation aids for the ESV Study Bible:

Moving the 5-Way Controller to the right or left when viewing the Bible text will move to the next or previous chapter; when viewing the opening page of a book, it will move to the next or previous book; and when viewing an article, it will move to the next or previous heading.

Direct Access to Any Verse

To gain direct access to any verse in the ESV Bible:
1. Press the MENU button.
2. Select Index.
3. Type the two- or three-character abbreviation for the desired book, followed by a space. Use the exact book abbreviations below [OSNOVA: DVJ abbreviations].
4. Type the chapter number, followed by a space, and the verse number.
5 Press Enter.

So, it is good news for those who wanted to have DVJ-2 on ESV. I guess they decided that DVJ-1 is not worth it because of the Kindle search bugs, the gaps in the text that it creates and the software Kindles not being able to properly handle the color tags. However, this omission makes it impossible to search multiple Bibles from the Home screen.  Russ made a comment on another post that this use of DVJ-1 “was like a miracle! My suggestion is that we all make a big deal of this feature. It turns your entire Kindle into a powerful reference source. I will try to limit my future Bible purchases to those that have DVJ.”  Plus DVJ-1 is more versatile and potentially can work on other platforms that do not support the Kindle dictionary format (DVJ-2 is based on that).

UPDATE: I’ve received the reports that the upgrade instructions that Crossway provided in the comments do not work for now.  Stay tuned.



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11 responses to “DVJ-2 on ESV! Well, not in name.

  1. I purchased the ESV Study Bible over the weekend and was pleasantly surprised by that.

    Also awesome are your Unabridged Matthew Henry’s Commentary and Calvin’s Institutes which I also purchased.

    Thanks for all you do!

  2. Susan

    Does that mean when I reinstall from my original Kindle download of the ESV Study Bible that it would have been updated automatically and that I only have to reload it into my Kindle to update it in there? I have done so and there’s no Index on the menu but I”m guessing I have to wait for it to index itself before I can use that feature. Am I correct?

    • Susan, the “Index” feature should appear immediately because it does not rely on the Search function. I haven’t had an opportunity to do the update myself so I do not know exactly how it works but my guess is that you need to delete your current file and go to the manage your Kindle page at the Amazon to redowload the new version. If you still have trouble either talk to Crossway (in the comments to the link I gave) or to Amazon CS. Please report your experience here.

      • Susan

        I’ve contacted Crossway to find out how to update. I tried reinstalling it but it’s the original version downloaded. I’ll let you know when I find out something. Or you let me know when you do. Thank you

  3. Susan

    Here’s what Crossway says:

    Thank you for contacting us. Right now there is a small problem in the update, as Amazon is having trouble updating the new files. The update should simply be a re-installation of the Study Bible onto your Kindle. Right now this will not feature the new indexing, but we hope to have that fixed very soon.

    Grace and peace,

    Adam Dalton
    Customer Service Representative

  4. Shari

    I am not understanding any of this. I have the Bible on my Kindle and of course I have trouble going from one portion of the Bible to the other. But being so computer challenged I really don’t know how to do the fix. Is this a NEW version of the original Bible I purchased? You have kindly sent me some information to help me, but I would like to have a Bible that will navigate easily as sometimes Pastor Tomlinson scoots through the Bible at high speed. :))) Is there another Bible that you have that I could purchase that wouldn’t have the trouble of navigating? Thanks and blessings – Shari

    • Shari, please note that I have no connection to the ESV Study Bible or its publisher Crossway. Any of the OSNOVA Bibles that you see at http://osnova.com or http://store.osnova.com/ have two Direct Verse Jump methods described at http://osnova.com/2010/12/09/279/ . While in your ESV Study Bible, press Menu, if you don’t see “Index” then you have the old version of the Bible and you should talk to Crossway or Amazon on how to upgrade. If you do see Index, then read the instruction on how to use it at the beginning of the book. If you have more questions, please email me at osnova@gmail.com . If you purchase an OSNOVA product and still struggle with how to use it, I will give you my phone number and I can walk you over the phone on how it works. I did it for a lady from Alabama recently.

  5. Ron

    Just an FYI – Crossway has also released the ESV Bible (not the study version) for Kindle with their version of DVJ-2 and it is available free. You can find it

  6. Susan

    I contacted Amazon by email and told them I had the ESV Study Bible but needed the update. They had me delete the bible and they sent the updated version of “ESV Study Bible” to my device. They gave me step by step directions. So if your waiting for the update to “show-up” email Amazon to get it done.

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