The Institutes of the Christian Religion by John Calvin

The Institutes of the Christian Religion (best navigation with Direct Verse Jump)

The seminal Christian work that has been called “the most important book written in the last 500 years” is finally available from OSNOVA.

Features of the Kindle edition

OSNOVA’s Kindle edition of the acclaimed English translation by Henry Beveridge, Esq. of the Institutes of the Christian Religion includes the unabridged text of John Calvin’s magnum opus with the usual excellence in the formatting and arrangement that readers have come to expect from OSNOVA publications.  The edition incorporates an active table of contents, a four-way-key navigation between chapters, transparent structure of the large work, and an interconnected, crosslinked navigation between all books, chapters, sections, indices and the included Bible (with Direct Verse Jump and Direct Verse Jump 2, see below).  All these features make it easy to navigate to any passage of the Insitutes and return to the initial position within seconds.

Calvin in his own words:

Although the Holy Scriptures contain a perfect doctrine, to which nothing can be added — our Lord having been pleased therein to unfold the infinite treasures of his wisdom — still every person, not intimately acquainted with them, stands in need of some guidance and direction, as to what he ought to look for in them, that he may not wander up and down, but pursue a certain path, and so attain the end to which the Holy Spirit invites him.

… Now, this cannot be better done in writing than by treating in succession of the principal matters which are comprised in Christian philosophy.

… [I]f I mistake not, I have given a summary of religion in all its parts, and digested it in an order which will make it easy for any one, who rightly comprehends it, to ascertain both what he ought chiefly to look for in Scripture, and also to what head he ought to refer whatever is contained in it.

…  I dare not bear too strong a testimony in [the Institutes of Christian Religion’s] favour, and declare how profitable the reading of it will be, lest I should seem to prize my own work too highly. However I may promise this much, that it will be a kind of key opening up to all the children of God a right and ready access to the understanding of the sacred volume.

…  And since we are bound to acknowledge that all truth and sound doctrine proceed from God, I will venture boldly to declare what I think of this work, acknowledging it to be God’s work rather than mine. To him, indeed, the praise due to it must be ascribed. My opinion of the work then is this: I exhort all, who reverence the word of the Lord, to read it, and diligently imprint it on their memory, if they would, in the first place, have a summary of Christian doctrine, and, in the second place, an introduction to the profitable reading both of the Old and New Testament.

… Above all things, I would recommend that recourse be had to Scripture in considering the proofs which I adduce from it.

Direct Verse Jump 2: an easy way to jump to any place within the Institutes:

While reading your OSNOVA publication, press “Menu”, then select “Index” and type the book number, space, the chapter number, space, and finally the section number (for example “2 17 4”) and press “enter.”

Direct Verse Jump: another navigation method using the search functionality:

For detailed instructions on DVJ, please read In short, you may search for such passages as “2.17.4” for the Institutes or “jn.3.16” for the included Bible.

NOTE: Some features of this publication may not work on Kindle 1, software Kindles such as Kindles for PC, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry or Android. This edition is not TTS(text-to-speech)-friendly due to the way TTS works on the Kindle.



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5 responses to “The Institutes of the Christian Religion by John Calvin

  1. This is most welcome news. Thank you for undertaking such a project.

  2. The main impetus for working on the Institutes was my desire to prepare a gift for our good family friend who studied at the Calvin College and has been a missionary in Ukraine for many, many years. I am buying a Kindle for him and will put on it all OSNOVA publications. He does not know about this yet (I don’t think he reads this blog, otherwise my cover is blown). It’s going to be his birthday gift.

  3. Josh

    I bought this a few days ago…the best Kindle format for this book! Well done.

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