KJV Bible with Apocrypha

Kindle Bible (KJV with Apocrypha) (best navigation with Direct Verse Jump)

Several people have asked me to publish a KJV Bible with Apocrypha and other materials that were included by the Translators in 1611.  I take such requests to heart.

Therefore, the new edition of the KJV Bible that has just appeared on Amazon adds to the existing OSNOVA KJV Bible: (i) the Dedication to King James I; (ii) Translators’ Preface; (iii) Apocrypha (books of the Greek Septuagint, which the Protestants do not consider to be part of the Canon); and (iv) the preface by John Witherspoon to the 1791 Isaac Collins’ Bible published in America.

Other than the additional text, there is no other differences from the the existing OSNOVA KJV Bible.



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13 responses to “KJV Bible with Apocrypha

  1. Tarrell Graham


    Your work is very impressive. The time and energy you have put into this is just incredible.

    I am looking for a paragraphed bible for the Nook, any ideas on where to go? Please feel free to email.

    • I had another request for a Nook copy and I am toying with the idea of releasing the Bibles for it too. Given that there is no hardware keyboard and no support for user-created dictionaries, some main features such as DVJ, DVJ-2 may not work or may not work as effectively as on the Kindle. I guess I’ll buy a Nook Color (that’s most popular now, right?) and see.

  2. Tarrell Graham

    I really like the Nook – tried the Kindle and just preferred the Nook interface. The only issue is that I can not find a good paragraph bible for the Nook anywhere. If you think of a solution or a supplier to check out please let me know. Thanks for the reply!

  3. Tarrell Graham

    Could you email me a sample section from your kindle bible? If out looks decent on the nook I would gladly purchase a copy.

  4. God bless you. I’ve just tried Amazon to download this but it was unavailable – any ideas why? Heard great things about your work – very inspiring!

  5. Sheldon

    Bought this through Amazon for the Kindle 3 and there is a bug in the search function, If you try to go to certain books and chapters ex: JN.1.1 it takes you to exodus it seems to happen on the first chapters of certain books but not all.

  6. Dana

    Since the 3.1 upgrade on Kindle, I haven’t been able to use direct jump. I have to look up each scripture by pulling up book name first. Changing font sizes didn’t help.

    Any suggestions?

    • I haven’t updated yet. I will and see what they have done. Why do they break things every time they release something new instead of fixing the bugs I have been reporting to them?

      Could you see if DVJ-2 still works?

      • Dana, I have updated my Kindle and checked a number of Bibles. On all of them DVJ works as before. I also asked others on mobileread.com to see if they experience the issue. I had a response that everything works fine. Please email me to osnova@gmail.com as detailed information about the issue and the steps you’ve taken as possible so that I could try to help.

  7. Geoff

    I was wondering if the KJV with Apocrypha would work well with the Kindle 3 Text-to-speech function?

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