DVJ and Other Tips on How to Use OSNOVA™ publications

How to use OSNOVA™ publications

First, study the following illustration showing the keys, which are used for navigating OSNOVA™ Kindle publications.

• To jump directly to any verse in the Bible using the Direct Verse Jump (DVJ-2) from OSNOVA:

1. With the Bible open, press the MENU key.

2. Select INDEX.

3. Type the DVJ abbreviation for the desired Bible book, followed by a space. Use only the following book abbreviations:

Genesis ge
Exodus ex
Leviticus le
Numbers nu
Deuteronomy de
Joshua jos
Judges jdg
Ruth ru
1 Samuel 1sa
2 Samuel 2sa
1 Kings 1ki
2 Kings 2ki
1 Chronicles 1ch
2 Chronicles 2ch
Ezra ezr
Nehemiah ne
Esther es
Job job
Psalms ps
Proverbs pr
Ecclesiastes ec
Song of Solomon so
Isaiah is
Jeremiah je
Lamentations la
Ezekiel eze
Daniel da
Hosea ho
Joel joe
Amos am
Obadiah ob
Jonah jon
Micah mic
Nahum na
Habakkuk hab
Zephaniah zep
Haggai hag
Zechariah zec
Malachi mal
Matthew mt
Mark mk
Luke lk
John jn
Acts ac
Romans ro
1 Corinthians 1co
2 Corinthians 2co
Galatians ga
Ephesians eph
Phillipians php
Colossians col
1 Thessalonians 1th
2 Thessalonians 2th
1 Timothy 1ti
2 Timothy 2ti
Titus tit
Philemon phm
Hebrews heb
James jam
1 Peter 1pe
2 Peter 2pe
1 John 1jn
2 John 2jn
3 John 3jn
Jude jud
Revelation rev

4. Type the chapter number, followed by a space, and the verse number. For example, jn 3 16.

5. Press ENTER.

A hint: while holding the ALT key press one of the top-row keys to enter numbers (see the illustration above). So, Alt+q=1, Alt+w=2, Alt+e=3, Alt+r=4, Alt+t=5, Alt+y=6, Alt+u=7, Alt+i=8, Alt+o=9, Alt+p=0.

• To open the table of contents, press the MENU key, select “Go to. . .” and then “table of contents.” While there, select the text you want to read with the cursor (use the 5-way controller to move the cursor) and press ENTER.

A hint: an underlined superscript number, word, phrase, is, in most cases, a hyperlink that you can click to move to the linked text. To return to the initial position after following a hyperlink, press the BACK key.

• With the Bible open and no cursor appearing on the screen, press the 5-way controller (see the illustration below) right or left to move to the next (right) or previous (left) chapter. If you see the title of a Bible book at the top of the page, this navigation method will move to the next (right) or previous (left) book.

P.S. A handy cheat sheet of DVJ abbreviations was made by Rakel and can be found on her blog.



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5 responses to “DVJ and Other Tips on How to Use OSNOVA™ publications

  1. Jad Khoury

    I copied this article so that I can have a printout of the abbreviations. When I started reading it I noticed that Deuteronomy (de) is missing from the list. These are great instructions and they are helping me learn to navagate my OSNOVA Net Bible. Thank you so much.

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