Useful instructions and tips from a customer

A customer dickthor has come up with useful instructions and tips about OSNOVA Bibles in his review on Amazon. I think others can benefit from them, so I am reprinting them below (I hope dickthor would not mind). At his suggestion, I will be integrating similar instructions into the OSNOVA Bibles themselves. If you have other tips, please post in the comments and I will consider adding them to the instructions.

But first please note that the new Direct Verse Jump (DVJ-2) method may be easier to use for novices. See its description here.


While I like this translation, this review is about navigation using the Kindle. Of 5 Bibles I have on Kindle, the [OSNOVA] Bible is far and away the easiest to navigate. I wish the navigation instructions were in the Introductory Matter, as I had to look around and finally do a lot of practice on the Kindle to figure out what I now know. One link had some information, but it was about a different Bible. Here is what I learned:

The abbreviations of the Books of the Bible are shown in the Table of Contents, and they are needed for Direct Jumps. Here are the abbreviations:

Genesis (ge)
Exodus (ex)
Leviticus (le)
Numbers (nu)
Deuteronomy (de)
Joshua (jos)
Judges (jdg)
Ruth (ru)
1 Samuel (1sa)
2 Samuel (2sa)
1 Kings (1ki)
2 Kings (2ki)
1 Chronicles (1ch)
2 Chronicles (2ch)
Ezra (ezr)
Nehemiah (ne)
Esther (es)
Job (job)
Psalms (ps)
Proverbs (pr)
Ecclesiastes (ec)
Song of Solomon (so)
Isaiah (is)
Jeremiah (je)
Lamentations (la)
Ezekiel (eze)
Daniel (da)
Hosea (ho)
Joel (joe)
Amos (am)
Obadiah (ob)
Jonah (jon)
Micah (mic)
Nahum (na)
Habakkuk (hab)
Zephaniah (zep)
Haggai (hag)
Zechariah (zec)
Malachi (mal)
Matthew (mt)
Mark (mk)
Luke (lk)
John (jn)
Acts (ac)
Romans (ro)
1 Corinthians (1co)
2 Corinthians (2co)
Galatians (ga)
Ephesians (eph)
Phillipians (php)
Colossians (col)
1 Thessalonians (1th)
2 Thessalonians (2th)
1 Timothy (1ti)
2 Timothy (2ti)
Titus (tit)
Philemon (phm)
Hebrews (heb)
James (jam)
1 Peter (1pe)
2 Peter (2pe)
1 John (1jn)
2 John (2jn)
3 John (3jn)
Jude (jud)
Revelation (rev)

Note: In the text below, “click” means to press the center of the 5-way. Double-click means press the center of the 5-way twice. Also, “bb” means the desired Book abbreviation, “cc” means the desired chapter number, and “vv” means desired verse number.

The Kindle does not have numbers on its keyboard. To enter a number without using the Sym key: press the Alt key, then press Q for 1, W for 2, E for 3,….. O for 9, and P for zero. To move the cursor around the screen use the top, bottom, left, and right buttons on the 5-way. You could buy stickers with numbers on them (example) and stick them above the keys to make it easier to use.

  1. Go to Old Testament Table of Contents: press Menu, click Go To…, click Table of Contents
  2. Go to New Testament Table of Contents: press Menu, click Go To…, click Table of Contents, press > on 5-Way (saves paging forward through the O.T. Books).
  3. Go to a book at chapter 1, verse 1, using Table of Contents: click on Book Name
  4. Go to a book at verse 1 of a chapter using Table of Contents: click on chapter number under name of Book
  5. Direct jump to a Book at Chapter 1, Verse 1: type bb.1, double-click.
  6. Direct jump to a Book at verse 1 of desired chapter: type, double-click.
  7. Direct jump to a Book at any desired verse of any desired chapter: type, double-click.
  8. Go to next Book in the Bible: press > on the 5-way.
  9. Go to the previous Book in the Bible: press < on the 5-way.
  10. Identify Chapter and verse in current Book: superscript numbers show cc.vv for each verse.
  11. See which Book you are in: page back until you see the chapter heading, which gives Book name.
  12. Go back after jumps: press Back key until you get there.
  13. Take the Menu off the screen: press Menu.
  14. Take the Sym window off the screen: press Sym.
  15. Take the Text window off the screen: press Aa key
  16. Go to a note link (subscript number in Bible text): click on the subscript number. Notes may be tn (translator note), tc (text-critical note), sn (study note). Return using Back key.
  17. Read about this Bible: press Menu, click Go to…, click Introductory Matter.

Hope this helps others, and I will be glad to see additional hints on navigation from others.


A couple of notes from OSNOVA:

  1. No. 8 has changed in some OSNOVA Bible editions. Moving the 5-Way Controller to the right or left when viewing the Bible text will move to the next or previous chapter; when viewing the opening page of a book, it will move to the next or previous book; and when viewing an article, it will move to the next or previous heading.
  2. Before you do Direct Verse Jump make sure that there is no cursor on the screen; otherwise instead of typing the DVJ link, you will start typing a note.
  3. Some OSNOVA Bible editions have slightly different DVJ abbreviations (e.g., Douay-Rheims, English-Latin Diglot, Russian Synodal Translation), so check the table of contents if you are not sure.
  4. As reported earlier, there is another Direct Verse Jump method (DVJ-2) in OSNOVA Bibles that is in addition to the current DVJ.
  5. Do not be alarmed if you try to use the DVJ and a window pops up saying “Your search can not be completed as this item has not yet been indexed. Please try again later.” Amazon should have come up with a better explanation in that window but you need to do exactly what it says. Wait and try later. As explained in the product description, “as any Kindle book, the KJV Bible is searchable; however, when you first install the file please wait for the Kindle to index the whole Bible (most of the time about 10 minutes; however, sometimes up to 8-10 hours). The file is large and it takes a long time to index. For this reason, the DVJ navigation method will be available only after the book has been indexed.” Indexing is done automatically by the Kindle in the background and it happens only once for each book.
  6. You can search all OSNOVA publications that have DVJ method at once if you go to the home screen, type, and double-click. This is a good shortcut that allows you to look at the same passage in several translations, Commentary, etc.
  7. If DVJ on your Kindle 3 sometimes leads to the wrong destination, it is due to a nasty Kindle 3 software bug with its search functionality. See this post. Join me in asking Amazon to fix this bug. DVJ-2 is immune from this bug because it is not based on the search functionality
  8. Kindle 3 has another software bug when portions of formatting tags occasionally show on the screen as garbage after following some links in books that include non-Latin characters. I’ve made Amazon aware of this issue and invite you to report it to them again if you notice this behavior.

Email me at if you have any questions.


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