Reviews of Osnova’s work (outside of Amazon)

I have just come across these reviews:

Bible Reading on the Kindle Revisited

A labor of love, this version of the King James Bible makes use of what its authors call Direct Verse Jump navigation. By utilizing their easy shorthand, you can jump straight to a verse by typing it into the search field. … I’ve always thought the KJV was a little vanilla for my taste, but you can’t beat the job they’ve done making this Kindle-friendly. … Every version should have Direct Verse Jump!

How to Search the Bible on Your Kindle by Travis Van Slooten.

But did you know that you can download Osnova’s King James Version of the Bible, and use a method known as “Direct Verse Jump” to get the information you need? It is truly an awesome way to find just what you are looking for.

– Comment on ESV Bible Blog by Eric

Have you checked out the various Kindle Bibles that have been prepared by osnova ( They incorporate what he calls Direct Verse Jump navigation to make it far easier to navigate to a particular verse on the Kindle. So far, he’s done KJV, ASV, NET, and a few others, but it’d be great if Crossway would be willing to work with or pay him to create a similar version for the ESV…


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