Kindle 3 search bugs

As reported to me by several customers, the DVJ search on the Kindle 3 at times may lead to the wrong destination (try such passages as ro.1 or ro.1.1, ac.1, jn.14, ac.14 with different font sizes, some may lead to the wrong place with your version). Changing font size may correct this error but sometimes only one or two font sizes lead to the correct destination, while the rest result in error.

I have reported this (and other Kindle 3 bugs) to Amazon by email and phone, including a personal email to Jeff Bezos. I received a response from Ms. Derouin, Amazon’s Executive Customer Relations, who on behalf of Mr. Bezos assured me that Amazon’s engineers are working to resolve this and other reported issues.

I can only state that this is not a fault with any of OSNOVA publications (if it were I would be able to resolve it in no time). As you, I am hoping for a quick fix by Amazon.



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4 responses to “Kindle 3 search bugs

  1. isaac

    I need to be able to download other versions of the bible apart from kjv, also encarta and concordance please i need your help in doing this

    • Hi, Isaac.

      All the publications that we have released are found here at (for example, we have NET, NHEB, WEB, D-R, French, Spanish, Russian, etc.) Encarta is owned by Microsoft.

  2. Mark

    Have there been any updates to fix this issue? I have had the KJV verse per line Bible for about 6 months now and love it, but this bug is a little frustrating. The DVJ works great when it does work for me, but it sends me to Exodus 27 in nearly half of the searches that I do.
    Thank you for any more info on this,

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