Chapter-by-chapter navigation in Bibles

I’ve received requests from some customers to change the standard book-by-book joystick navigation in OSNOVA Bibles to chapter-by-chapter (in other words when you press right or left on the five-way joystick you will move between chapters, not books). It is done but so far offered only as an option. If you want a file with chapter-by-chapter navigation, please send the file of your OSNOVA Bible to as the proof of purchase, and I will send you the chapter-by-chapter version.


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One response to “Chapter-by-chapter navigation in Bibles

  1. jim

    It seems that the King James version with DVJ is not available in the UK. The amazon page simply says pricing information not available. Will it become available later. Seems like a great idea for navigation, as other versions seem to be a bit difficult to get around.

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