The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia for the Kindle

The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia for the Kindle
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia for the Kindle

The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia is an exhaustive classic Biblical encyclopedia consisting of 5 paper volumes.  This bastion of knowledge is now availalbe in one well-formatted book for the Kindle.  The Kindle edition works as any other Kindle dictionary and may be set as the Kindle default dictionary.

The ISBE includes almost 10,000 thoroughly written authoritative articles representing the scholarship of nearly 200 evangelical scholars.

In harmony with the practical and authoritative character of the Encyclopedia the greatest pains were taken by the authors to secure comprehensiveness and completeness in its presentation of all Biblical matters, and in its fulness of typical Scriptural references on all subjects dealt with. In scope the work embraces the Old and New Testaments and the Apocrypha, together with all related subjects of Language, Text, Literature (apocalyptic, apocryphal, sub-apostolic, etc.), Archeology, historical and religious environment—whatever, in short, may throw light on the meaning and message of the sacred Book. The aim was that nothing great or small conducing to this end was to be omitted. History of peoples and religions, Ethnology, Geography, Topography, Biography, Arts and Crafts, Manners and Customs, Family Life, Natural History, Agriculture, War, Shipping, Ritual, Laws, Sects, Music, and all else pertaining to the outer and inner life of the people of the Bible, and therefore throwing light upon the meaning of the original writers, are amply and minutely treated. Proper names are explained and their occurrences in the Bible and Apocrypha noted. Large space was devoted to the meanings and uses of the more ordinary, as well as of rarer and obsolete, English words with special reference to their Hebrew and Greek originals and to the variations of usage in the King James/Authorized Version and the Revised Versions. Careful attention was given to the figurative uses of words in connection with all subjects where such uses occur.

The Kindle edition incorporates a cross-reference system between the articles and the included King James Bible, which makes it easy to navigate a huge amount of scholarly information and read the Scripture.

The ISBE is a required reference book for the Kindle library of any serious student of the Bible.



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5 responses to “The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia for the Kindle

  1. ihab7000

    Really that is a wonderful effort .I hope everyone benefit from it.GBU

  2. I recently gave my six volume (early 1900s) set to a younger Christian brother who has much beter vision than I do and can enjoy the wealth of information contained in this work.
    Your Kindle edition was one of the first reference books I purchased.
    And like all of your editions I have been greatly satisfied with the quality of the work.
    I especially appreciate that you incorporate the original forwards, prefaces, etc. in your editions.
    And of course your navigation system is the ‘Gold Standard’ by which others are judged by (and generally found wanting).
    When doing any Bible reading I set the ISBE as my default dictionary and easily navigate between a Bible version and the ISBE.
    Thanks for making another great resource available unto us.

  3. Eric

    Any chance of getting the New American or Revised Standard (RSV 2E)?

    If they are copy protected and you need folks to email them stating that we want your jump feature for newer bibles used by Catholic communities, there are a lot of us… and I would be happy to help fan the flames!

    • Eric, yes, we can’t release any new translations without copyright holder’s permission. Our attempts to work with copyright holders so far have been successful with the NET Bible. Any help will be appreciated.

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