The Chinese CUV (traditional) and Russian Synodal Bibles with DVJ

I have developed for the Kindle the Chinese CUV (traditional) and Russian Synodal Bibles with DVJ.

The Russian Bible includes both canonical and noncanonical books and book fragments (noncanonical text is clearly marked).  It also includes (in square brackets) the text in OT that the translators took from Septuagint or Slavic Bibles.

The Kindle 3 supports these languages (Kindle 2 and DX need hacked fonts installed).  Unfortunately, when I submitted these Bibles for publication by Amazon, they rejected them because Amazon does not officially support these languages.  For this reason, I am thinking of setting up my own online store. While it would take time, if you are interested in these Bibles, you could pay me by Paypal (send email to for details).  I will send you the CUV Bible or RST Bible as you request.  Apologies  for this complicated process.

P.S.  Kindle 3 suffers from a bug when following links in books with Russian or Chinese text where a part of a tag including the link anchor is revealed on the screen.  This culprit does not reveal itself with Western languages or on Kindle 2/DX.  This is a minor blemish and does not detract much from the experience.  Amazon has been made aware of the issue and, hopefully, they will fix it.



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2 responses to “The Chinese CUV (traditional) and Russian Synodal Bibles with DVJ

  1. Elias Andrew

    Where can I find Osnova Russian Bible? I remember it was available before, but cant find it anymore. Thanks in advance.

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