Text-to-Speech Issues with OSNOVA Bible editions

I have received an email from a Kindle owner who purchased my KJV with DVJ complaining that the text-to-speech (TTS) does not work properly with my edition. You can see my response to this person at the end of the post.

I’ve thought that it was self-evident that TTS would have problems with Bibles because there is external text between verses: DVJ anchors, chapter and verse numbers. TTS reads everything! and there is no way to tell it to ignore these meta data. To address this person’s issue I’ve created a TTS-friendly edition of the KJV. Unfortunately, I had to remove the verse numbers and the Direct Verse Jump navigation. Book and chapter navigation is still possible using the active TOC or joystick left-right navigation. Just in case if there are other people who need TTS more than verse numbers and DVJ, I’ll release this TTS-friendly KJV on Amazon.

My response to the person complaining about TTS problems:

I share your frustration with how TTS works with Bibles. Basically, TTS reads everything it sees: chapter numbers, verse numbers.

My edition uses hidden anchors before each verse to make the Direct Verse Jump possible. Although the anchors are hidden to the eyes, TTS sees them and reads them. I’ve written to Amazon several times asking them to come up with a way to control the TTS function to allow for pauses, tell it what not to read, etc. So far they have not addressed this issue.

This is the first report that I have received about TTS problems. So, I’ve assumed until now that TTS was not that important to people. I will put a disclaimer in the description of this KJV edition that it is not compatible with TTS.

If you want me to, I will make a TTS-friendly KJV edition just for you. It will not include the Direct Verse Jump or the verse numbers. This way, there will be no interruptions for TTS. If the verse numbers are important please let me know, I will leave them in.

Please forgive me for not meeting your needs.




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One response to “Text-to-Speech Issues with OSNOVA Bible editions

  1. Linda Psencik

    Thank you so very much for taking the time to put the Bible on Kindle. A friend gave me a Kindle and the first thing I downloaded was your KJV where you can jump from scripture to scripture. Simply amazing!


    Linda Psencik

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