World English Bible (WEB) (with Direct Verse Jump)

The World English Bible is a modern English translation of the Bible based on the 1901 American Standard Version, the Greek Majority Text, and the Hebrew Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia.

This Kindle edition of the World English Bible features, in addition to a hyperlinked table of contents, contains the Direct Verse Jump, a revolutionary new method of the Bible navigation on the Kindle. The DVJ allows the reader to open any verse in the Bible in mere seconds. For example, jn.3.16 typed in the search window and two clicks on “Find” opens John 3:16. The abbreviations used in the DVJ are listed in the Table of Contents for easy reference.  See below for more details on DVJ.

The reader can also navigate between Bible books by pressing the joystick right or left.  After some practice with the three navigation methods, the reader will be able to open any verse in the Kindle WEB Bible as fast as (or even faster than) in the paper copy.

Other features of the Kindle World English Bible:

  • all of the WEB notes and cross-references are linked from the main text (all you need is to click on the hyperlinks in the text and, when finished reading the note, to press “Back” to return to the Bible text)
  • correctly formatted (for example, special poetry formatting, italics, etc.)
  • words of Jesus are in bold
  • as any Kindle book, the WEB is searchable; however, when you first install the file please wait for the Kindle to index the whole Bible! The file is very large and it takes a long time to index. For this reason, the DVJ navigation method will be available only after the book has been indexed.

Direct Verse Jump a revolutionary navigation method using the search functionality:

In this version, all you need to do is type an abbreviated book name (see the table of contents for the complete list), then period, then chapter number, period again, and then verse number and finally press “find” twice (you need not wait for the Kindle to display the search results) and you will be looking at that particular verse in seconds. If you just need to open the first verse of any chapter then the verse number is not necessary. Do not forget periods and use only the abbreviations that are listed in the table of contents.

For example, if you wish to select chapter 3 of Genesis, you would:

  1. type the standard abbreviation for Genesis (see the table of contents for a complete list), then period, and finally number “3” in other words: ge.3
  2. click “find” twice and you are there.

For John 3:16, you type jn.3.16 and double click “find”.

Note: that you should put the chapter number even for books that have only one chapter. For example, the Epistle from Jude verse 5 would translate to “jud.1.5” and a double click.

For other publications by OSNOVA, please visit the OSNOVA Press website.

Please note that Amazon sample file does not contain the Direct Verse Jump, hyperlinked notes, and other features of this Kindle edition.



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4 responses to “World English Bible (WEB) (with Direct Verse Jump)

  1. Great job!

    I love the way you incorporated the strength of other Kindle versions (namely the chapter and verse navigation from the Table of Contents ability) but in addition, allow for going straight to the desired verse by simply typing in the abbreviated book, chapter, and verse and double-clicking “Find”. This is an incredible time saver!

    For those who don’t know how that works: If you want to go to Isaiah 7:14, simply type “is.7.14” (minus the quotes), double-click “Find”, and you’re there.

    This is a fantastic edition. Thanks for all the hard work.

  2. I can jump directly to a verse? awesome, exactly what I was looking for. … Thanks.

  3. All of these [KJV, WEB, NET Bible] have been optimized for Kindle by Osnova from the Kindle Boards here. Because of the direct jump feature, you can easily bounce around scripture on Kindle as quickly as you can a dead tree version once you have learned the abbreviations of each book. … Osnova’s version looks beautiful on the Kindle and is very user friendly.

  4. I bought a NIV Bible and am completely aggravated at the links in it, they never seem to work correctly. This WEB Bible is the second Bible I’ve bought that Osnova has formatted and I can say that the links are just wonderful. Too bad other companies don’t put as much effort in their work as (s)he does.

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