Soule’s Dictionary of English Synonyms for the Kindle

A Kindle edition of the dictionary of synonyms (thesaurus) by Richard Soule, which was popular in XIX century. It can be used as a default Kindle dictionary.

The New York Times wrote, Soule’s dictionary “is arranged like an ordinary dictionary, and not only acts as a dictionary of synonyms, but is serviceable as a dictionary of definitions. These definitions, given not in sentences, but by means of lists of words, each having an allied significance, thus serve a double purpose. For all ordinary uses the book might well be employed as a dictionary of definitions.

Based on the edition published by J.B. LIPPINCOTT Company in 1915; significantly revised, updated, and adapted for the electronic use by OSNOVA in 2009; no copyright is claimed in the original 1915 text.

For other publications by OSNOVA, please visit the OSNOVA Press website.


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